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March 31st, 2011, 09:06 AM
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One other thing I wanted to add: DH's therapy sessions seem to be helping. He has started talking more about his fears, and it seems like he comes home from the sessions in a better mood than when he went to them. He also hasn't had any bad nightmares in a while. Keep your fingers crossed that things continue to improve for him. Meanwhile, I've got what I think are normal pregnancy worries--I get nervous that something bad will happen and I'll go to an ultrasound and discover something is horribly wrong. Which makes sense for me, because we thought everything was fine last time and then suddenly we discovered it wasn't. But, they fear isn't dominating my life or keeping me from being happy about the baby or anything like that, which is why it seems to just be normal fears. I am keeping an eye on myself, though, in case I need to talk to someone about it.
~Beth in Seattle

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