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March 31st, 2011, 12:28 PM
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Friday March 25 I went for my 40 week appointment to find that I was still, after two weeks, 3cm dilated and soft. This time the midwife had me put my fists behind my back to tilt my pelvis and she was able to really feel baby's head and do a pretty decent membrane sweep (which I didn't feel at all). She could tell I was disappointed and encouraged me to DTD as much as I could tolerate and relax...she said "orgasms would help the best, but we don't want to put pressure on dad lol"

Well we went to the store, then home and got busy. I had one big O and the contraction that followed it was super intense! I teared up! Then I got pretty excited that I might have done some good!! WOOO HOOO that was around 8pm. By 8:30 I was timing contractions, they were 5-7 mins apart and pretty uncomfortable, but tolerable. By 10pm they were 3-5 mins apart so I called the midwife and she said for us to go to the hospital and get checked to see if we were really in labor. So we (DH and I) headed to the hospital and I am having some pretty hard contractions, it was hard to talk through them. We got up to L and D and the most awesome nurse hooked me up to the monitor and did some initial paperwork. My midwife had called ahead, the fabulous nurse had checked my file and knew where I was coming from, how much weight I had gained (3lbs which I was super proud of) and some other stuff that was kind of nice for her to already know. It was nice to know she cared to check the file before I got there. After being on the monitor for 20 minutes and me saying "Oh Please don't send me home!!" She checked me and I was 4cm with thin cervix and good regular contractions. She came back in from the hall and said "Ok do your happy dance the midwife said you can stay!" LOL

After that we got into the BIRTHING SUITE!!!! Which I adored!

YouTube - Pardee Women & Children's Center Birth Suite

My best gal pal and DH were both there with me and the awesome nurse was checking in on me periodically and the midwife was with us. I walked the halls a little bit (like two laps because when I walked the cxs hurt worse LOL Duh) then after around 2am the midwife checks me and I am 5cm and baby is really low so she asks do I want her to break my water. I let her break the my water and HOLY CRAP the cxs get really really hard!! I got in the birthing tub and was breathing through the contractions, not able to talk. Each one felt like my insides were tangling up and yanking around!!! after about an hour I was starting to get too hot in the water...and I thought I wanted to get out because if I was hot and sweaty during pushing it would make it worse. I go to get out of the tub, when I stand up I can feel that baby's head is waaaaaay down there. I'm just looking at the midwife like a deer in headlights!!! I kinda made a quick gentle dive for the bed and the contractions took on a whole life of their own! I was scared because I didn't know if I could push yet should've just done it. So I start to freak out a little and my body was shaking all over. Super nurse snaps me back to reality LOL "Hey!! You can do this....breathe....breathe...." So I stopped freaking out and pushed through two contractions and his head was out. Then I was like OMG!!!! He is stuck....I'm begging one of them to help me get him out because I don't have a contraction to help me push! Then two more contractions came close and he was out! It was the most intense and fabulously wonderful experience!!!!! I was so happy to be able to deliver naturally!!!

I just held that sweet little baby and nursed him. It was great. They didn't even weigh him or measure him until we were all ready I couldn't have had a better experience! So my would be whopper came in at a moderate 7lbs 11oz! LOL 22 inches long!

Thank you Sharon for my siggy!
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