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July 24th, 2006, 10:56 AM
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How do you feel about this?,2933,203110,00.html[/b]
How to I feel about that? Well I hate to read any propaganda from Fox news, to start with..

"The policy is written so broadly that it includes within its prohibitions such things as personal letters between prisoners and loved ones and much of the world's great literature and art," said the complaint, which was prepared by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana

I don't think this about dirty magazines.. it's bigger than that.

I think criminals should be attempted to be rehabilitated but I know that in the US it's about punishment only.. so I know that's why the previous posts reflect that.. If we want these criminals to come back into society so they actually conform, then we can't strip them of all civil liberities. Otherwise we aren't preparing them for re-entry.

(See Louloumom, you're not the only minority voice, depending on the thread!)
I don't think they should be stripped of all civil liberties! NO WAY. I do think it needs to be punishment as well as rehabilitation. I think any reading material that is involved in a continued education is fine. I think it is great for inmates to better themselves through education, therapy, and spiritual development and be aloud access to the materials involved in that process. Limited access to art supplies during class time and class required reading only. I don't see how x-rated magazines, or any magazine for that matter would fall into that category (unless it is Newsweek, National Geographic, Time, or a newspaper). I also see no problem with pictures and letters from family.
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