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April 3rd, 2011, 06:51 PM
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Hi! I am years away from having my next child but I think I would really like to consider a home birth next time. I don't think it's very likely but it might not be impossible. There may be some direct entry midwives where we will be living but I highly doubt it and I probably wouldn't be comfortable with a home birth unless I had a CNM since they are technically the only ones who could legally attend a birth in my state. I could go right across the river to IN and I do know of at least one home birth CNM there.

My question is, have you ever heard of anyone "hosting" a home birth for someone else - maybe even someone they didn't know? I don't think I would really mind if it wasn't my home but I don't have any relatives or friends who live in the CNM's service area (not any whose homes I would want to birth at anyway). I am thinking of (when the time comes, again, several years from now) getting in touch with that midwife and the birth network in that area and maybe I could figure something out, but I don't really want to ask complete strangers if I could birth at their home, KWIM? If you were able to help someone have a home birth who otherwise might not be able to, would you consider it?
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