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April 3rd, 2011, 08:44 PM
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LOL. just getting back on the internet after a birthday weekend with my mom in town.

I'm most positive I'm not preggers. It's actually not even possible for me at the moment. At least until I get to a genetics doctor and have me tested to see if i have congenetial adrenal hyperplasia. My eggs aren't even at a mature state. They are actually at a premature babies state.

my mom said that she would pay for the genetics test. she is as curious as I am as too what this means. hopefully i can talk the doctor into getting me a referral without the basis of ttc. just wanting to be more informed about my body.

i also talked to my mom about getting back on tricare and just paying the premium costs. i feel at the moment that tricare has a better fertility cost wise than my civilian insurances. altho my hubby just got informed on his new insurance through his civilian job so i do need to look through that too.

hope all goes well for you on your next cycle girl.
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