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April 3rd, 2011, 08:53 PM
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What's going on this week?

School: This week is the beginning of the dovetail transition into 3rd grade. All of his subjects don't start or end at the same time. The year for us is basically May to May with a short summer term and standard Fall/Spring terms. Some of his stuff is about 3/4 through 2nd grade, some is finishing 2nd soon, and some will be moving into 3rd this week.

Bible is Joshua (chronological Gen thru Rev study), science is ungulates (horse-like animals), history is Alexander the Great, math is working on speed for facts using IXL (we're done with Miquon until Fall), English is the last few lessons in R&S 3 (we'll start 4th next week), we're starting Early Reading Comprehension from Varied Subject Matter books C & D this week (to be finished by mid-June), Latin is mostly review (there are only 3 actual lessons left, I believe, and then a couple of section reviews and a whole book review ... we won't start the next book until Fall), and handwriting is right where it should be (HWT green book) to finish in mid-May.

Otherwise: Monday (aside from groceries and laundry) is a curriculum show & tell for my HS group. We're all meeting at the library to display what we have and to browse & ask questions about what others have brought. Tuesday is vision therapy and bowling league (week 11 of 18 with awards and pizza in week 19). Wednesday is physical therapy and church. Thurs and Fri will be our heaviest school days this week. Nothing planned for those days except that I'll be prepping for a fundraising event I'm doing this weekend for Barefoot Books. (For one of the PS bands in the area.)

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