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April 4th, 2011, 03:47 PM
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All three kids have a nasty cold. I don't know what from, or where they got it. They started feeling kinda icky last week, but seemed pretty a-ok just a smidge crabby. They went to moms for the weekend and just got home a little bit ago. Mom says they were all fine until today, lol. I guess the colds kicked in full blast.

So this week, we're taking it very easy, minor stuff. I have to finish their semester reviews in a couple of subjects one day this week.
Other than that, no plans, that I know of.
I'm still dealing with a hefty migraine though. The new med the doc gave me is NOT doing its job whatsoever. So I think I'll call and see if he can switch it to something else. I don't go back there until May and not so sure I want to put up with this for another month.
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