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April 5th, 2011, 09:47 AM
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Name: Kärin
PG, TTC, WTTC or just hanging out?: PG
Risks: Over 35, Chronic Hypertension, Incompetant Cervix (have cerclage)
Treatment plan: have transvaginal cerclage, possible transabdominal cerclage soon, probable bed rest soon, planned c-section at 35 weeks after corticosteroid treatments, continuing blood pressure medication.
Kids and ages: Lance - 12, Faith - 10
Are things starting to bloom where you live? Yup, have been for weeks now, but that's because I live in Florida
What are you most looking forward to this spring? The beach!

And for the pregnant ladies:
Due Date? 9/8 but planning c-section for 1st week of August
Team Pink, Blue or Yellow? Blue
Any names? Laird
Anything exciting happening soon? Get another 3D sonogram at 20 weeks 
How has this pregnancy been challenging? The right question would be how hasn’t it been challenging?
What about this pregnancy has been a complete blessing? (Aside from the pregnancy itself being a blessing!) Wasn’t supposed to be able to conceive again, wasn’t supposed to be able to carry another baby, didn’t find out I was pregnant till 11 weeks
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