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April 5th, 2011, 12:43 PM
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I know I'm way early to be asking this lol I'm only 10weeks along but I want to be more prepared this time.

When I had my son, I had a c-section because he was breech and I was having some health issues that they didn't want to hurt even more by manually trying to turn him. So it was "scheduled" (I put quotes around that because we knew we would have one but we didn't know they would "schedule" it so early lol) anyway, I was really hoping for a VBAC this go around but now with 2 I highly doubt they will allow me to attempt since I had problems at the end of my other pregnancy, So I'm a little bummed..

the point is, I also was determined to breast feed with my son but he wasn't latching and he was losing too much weight and was way jaundice that I had to supplement and I didn't try hard enough at the breast, I'm mad at myself for that. I pumped for a while but just wasn't making enough to exclusively pump so i quit that too... I was DETERMINED to BF for at least 6 months with this baby. and now that there's 2, I'm terrified I won't make it...

How hard is it to BF 2? what are your tips and tricks to get through?
SO really wants to help out to so I was thinking of BF AND pumping so that SO can bottle feed one sometimes but then I worry about nipple confusion... I hope I produce more this go too..

again I know I have a long time but I just want to have things more "prepared" than last time especially with 2 coming lol
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