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April 5th, 2011, 04:05 PM
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WELCOME! Yes, I'm in the Austin area. Where are you? There is a LOT you can do for free, so don't stress too much just yet. What grades will you be doing this fall? What sort of teaching style do you want to use? Do you prefer workbooks, hands-on, an unschooling approach, or what? Since you mentioned boxed sets, I'm going to assume you'll want textbooks/workbooks, at least as a guide, right? Do you have a preference for whether the content is religious or not (a lot of religion, some, or none)?

Relax... you have plenty of time to explore the options and get ready for fall. Homeschooling in TX is extremely easy as far as the law is concerned. You'll need to formally withdraw the ones who are already in school, but you won't have to notify anyone when you start younger ones in kindergarten later. You're required to teach math, spelling, good citizenship, and things like that, but those things are NEVER checked on unless there's a deeper issue at stake (like child abuse).

Let me know where you are exactly (by pm, if you're not comfortable posting that), and I'll help you find local support groups as well. Is your friend already in a group? Are her kids roughly the same ages as yours?
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