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April 5th, 2011, 06:42 PM
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He has been slowly getting back up to 600 calories regularly. This was an all of a sudden type thing. He has NEVER done this before. He initially refused everything ofr 2 days. Since then he had been eating a little bit nore each day until a few days ago. That 1000 calorie day was the most he had eaten since March 20th. His CBC was fine for lymphocytes (the ones that fight viruses) but his neutrophils (the ones that fight bacteria) were low. He has cyclic low neutrophil counts but they weren't even really all that low. His have been down to 1000 on a CBC but even then they never mentioned it to me. He was 2 years old when that one was taken but I don't remember what was going on then. He ate...I can tell you that much. The drastic drop in energy level is what has gotten to me. It isn't a virus...that much we know. We just don't know what it IS...

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