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April 6th, 2011, 01:42 PM
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Okay, I know it's only been a week so I'm probably over thinking it a little, but I'm wondering if maybe I'm not doing enough with Ellie.
Aside from reading (which she would happily do 24/7 but *I can't sit still that long) and baking (which I would gladly do every day but then we'd *have to eat it all) We haven't really been doing anything productive. Did anyone else find it hard to get started? Or am I just being lazy? (don't answer that.)
I have to say that just taking her out of that preschool environment has already made a HUGE difference. She seems so much more relaxed. All her therapists have noticed. They say she's like a different kid. Maybe I should just be happy about that and not worry so much. But since we're still planning on sending her to a mainstream kindergarten in a few months I just want to make sure she's prepared.
We're hoping to get out of the house more this week and I'm sure that will help a lot. But I'd love some advice on getting into a routine at home.

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