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April 6th, 2011, 05:20 PM
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Because I can

I was just uploading a bunch of pics from the last month and wanted to share some. These are going back to March...

This is George.... can anyone tell me WTH kind of guinea pig he is?! When we adopted him he was short furred all over, recently his back half has sprouted really long fur! He looks like two guinea pigs welded together You know when someone illegally joins two cars that have been written off? We think that's what happened to George

These were from Angelica's birthday:

She made us wear those dumb hats aaaaaaalllllllll day!

Even Sam got in on the act!

Two days after her birthday she got her first full-size single bed. This is Angelica and Natasha's attempt to help me put te sheet on...

Mmmmm, comfy

Angelica attending to Sam!

The girls trying to work out what kind of guinea pig George is!

A random cool sky!

Sam testing out his new travel cot. Take note, Angelica, it is NOT supposed to be used like THIS...

A rare shot of all 3 of them together

Some pics from last Friday when we went out to celebrate it being a year since I found out I was pregnant with Sam.

Please excuse me looking like death, I was having (and still am having) the AF from hell

I'll stop spamming ya now!

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