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April 7th, 2011, 10:38 AM
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I was just like you and nervous from when I first found out I was having twins about breastfeeding. They were my first and I really wanted to breastfeed. I met with a lactation consultant while on bedrest so I could feel more prepared but honestly I don't think it helped. Every situation will be different and there is no predicting what will be with you and your babies. I had one baby come home with me and another in the NICU for a week so the beginning was a challenge as it seems breastfeeding usually is with one or two. I think it just took the determination to really want to do this and not give up. My baby boy in the NICU received formula for some feedings and my little girl at home needed to be supplemented. I did my very best to pump as much as I could for them both but nursing them both and running back to the hospital and pumping became too much and so I closed my rented hospital grade pump and hoped my babies would do their thing to encourage supply. They never had any problems going between bottle and breast and have taken formula great. My supply seemed fine and the babies were gaining weight. I needed to take some pressure off myself to only do breastmilk and eventually they were exclusively breastfed. They had latch trouble and the nipple shields were a lifesaver and made tandem nursing way easier. We used the twin nursing pillow while they were tiny which also made tandem possible which was helpful to me because they were eating so often.
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