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April 7th, 2011, 10:56 AM
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1. Get the Sunday paper coupon inserts. I buy several papers and get extras from my mom and her neighbor.

I file the entire insert by week in a filing cabinet. I do not cut anything out until I know I need it. Some people cut out everything or everything they might need and use baseball card holders in a binder. That way you always have your coupons with you. I found that to be too much work with a baby to take care of!

2. Sign up with companies online. Like Proctor and Gamble, or Johnson&Johnson....any company you ever buy stuff from. They will send coupons from time to time. I have a yahoo email I use just for couponing. Also check for coupons you can print.

3. is a great place to help you match coupons to sales. That is how you get things for free. I also found a blog that is all about couponing in St. Louis, so it is accurate for my local stores. Sometimes prices vary in differnent areas of the country, so hotcouponworld isn't always perfect for me.

4. I get my free health and beauty stuff mostly from Walgreens and CVS. We do not have Rite Aid, but there are good deals to be had there, too. They all often have items for free or cheap. If you can combine that with a coupon, even better! I got hooked when I got PAID to take home diapers while pregnant with DS. Too bad that deal hasn't come around again!

Example deal from CVS this week. Buy Complete Multipurpose Contact Solution for $8.99 plus tax. Use $1 off coupon from the insert on 4/3/11. Pay $7.99 plus tax. Get back a coupon for $8.99 off your next purchase. Net price?? MONEYMAKER!

5. Stockpiling. The idea is that most things go on sale every 12 weeks or so. So when something is on sale, you should buy enough to last you 12 weeks. This is where the extreme couponers go wrong. Do you really need 100 candy bars or 100 boxes of cereal at a time? NO. Plus normal people don't have that kind of space. So you buy enough to last 3 months or so. AND.....buying things you don't use isn't a bargain...even if it is free. THis can be hard to remember when you are in the thrill of the deal!

My exceptions to the 12 week rule.....shampoo and conditioner. I just don't get the amazing deals that frequently, so when it is 25 cents or less, I buy as much as I can with the coupons I already have. Then I don't have to buy at full price (NEVER!) or even when it is on sale for $1. We just use from our stockpile until the next 25 cent or less sale comes along.

Anyway....I hope some of this was helpful!

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