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April 7th, 2011, 04:30 PM
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I wouldn't get the Roundabout because you will end up having to get another 5pt harnessed seat down the road. I have a radian and 2 blvd's and love the Blvd. The Radian is okay, but it is long RF'ing so that might be an issue with DH, We have an Explorer and the Radian and Blvd are RF'ing and the other Blvd is FF for DD. You are better off ordering online, you will get free shipping and no tax. If you order from they do free returns so if you don't like something send it back. Also they price match. Research online for pricing because I found my Radian for $227 at a baby website and then had price match so that I could send it back if I needed too. I also recommend the side impact wings. They are great for napping kids. The Radian has them, but my boys can't benefit from them ATM because they aren't tall enough. The blvd's do though.

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