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April 7th, 2011, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by FallinWoman View Post
5. Stockpiling. The idea is that most things go on sale every 12 weeks or so. So when something is on sale, you should buy enough to last you 12 weeks. This is where the extreme couponers go wrong. Do you really need 100 candy bars or 100 boxes of cereal at a time? NO. Plus normal people don't have that kind of space. So you buy enough to last 3 months or so. AND.....buying things you don't use isn't a bargain...even if it is free. THis can be hard to remember when you are in the thrill of the deal!
This is what kills me about the show. It becomes a hoarding issue - the people I saw on the show seem a bit insane, to be honest. Their homes turn into a mini Costco with 1/2 of the items sitting there for a VERY long time, probably being wasted. And the quality of their eating must be horrific!

There was one guy who would turn his items frequently and give to his church, food banks, etc. I dug that guy!

I'm a fresh veggies person. I hit up my local farmers markets and such. But I'm really into several coupon deals and I'd like to get better at shopping with coupons. Thank you so much for the tips.

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