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April 8th, 2011, 08:06 AM
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Hi Everyone! I am Melanie and just joined JustMommies the other day.

For my shower my friend bought me a Ball One Baby Gift. It is basically a baseball with custom stitching either pink or blue, for obv boy or girl. The point of the ball is to have the footprints put on the ball at the time of birth when the hospital takes its records, but they do offer ink pads if parents want to do this at home.

After the baby is here a name plaque can be ordered for no additional price. You just have to enter a coupon code that comes with the original ball.

So you get the ball, a display case and a name plaque.

Anyway, thought i would share since its unique, cheap (as far as custom gifts go) and my husband LOVED it!

check out the company Home Page

This has become my go to gift. (i used to give embroided burp clothes, but that is only a gift the parents see for a year. The ball is on display for ever)
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