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April 8th, 2011, 01:12 PM
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Thanks. This helps. It's nice to know I can relax a little. I think I was just worried about her getting bored. That's one of the biggest problems we had with her preschool. She's pretty far ahead academically I think but her other issues were getting in the way.
I love the idea of teaching her about clocks and calendars to help establish a routine and to help her with sequencing and number recognition. (Math is one of her weaknesses.) Also I think it would help her to be able to look forward to things.
We went to the dollar store today and got some activity books we're both really excited about. They're BIG but not babyish and they're not tied to tv or movies she's never seen. (Aside from Veggie Tales she has no interest in tv.)
Any ideas on computer games or other activities that aren't to simple academically but don't require too much in the way of fine motor skills? I'm having trouble finding things that make her think but don't make her *work too hard. KWIM?
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