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April 8th, 2011, 03:36 PM
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13 weeks, second trimester, hooray! I'm feeling less queasy by the day and back to being able to eat regular meals without wanting to puke 3 bites in. The gas is still going strong as is the constipation, and the exhaustion is also still hanging in there. I'm starting to feel stuff that may be flutters or may be just gas, it's hard to tell, and I'm having lots and lots of round ligament pain, it's way out by my hips mostly but also on my pelvic bone--it feels like someone is trying to push the bones apart. Now who could that someone be? Honestly, I feel better than last week, but just still really worn out.

I'm also a total stress ball because I'm a federal employee, so I'm pretty sure I won't be working next week and thus won't be getting paid for next week. Which is going to mess with my maternity leave, since if this goes on for very long, we'll have to dip into savings to cover bills, which means less savings to cover bills when I'm on (unpaid) maternity leave. If I get screwed out of a real maternity leave again, I'm going to be really really everyone keep your fingers crossed that life goes back to normal ASAP!
~Beth in Seattle

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