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April 8th, 2011, 05:11 PM
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Thanks Michelle. I was really impressed by the dollar store actually. We'll definitely be back often. I really want to involve her in the decision process as much as possible. I ask all those questions all the time. Unfortunately decision making is one of her biggest weaknesses. It wasn't that long ago that she wasn't talking to us AT ALL. She wouldn't respond to any question that required more than shaking her head for yes or no. She's still getting used to the idea that its okay for her to have her own opinions. She's getting much better but at this point, "I don't know" is still her most common answer. So for now at least I think I need to take more of the lead or at least have her options narrowed down to two.

My dad bought Jump Start to Preschool for my daughter at some homeschool store he went to in another state (i can't even remember which state, sorry). It's pretty good.
Thanks. I actually just set up an account for her on their website. Didn't know you could still buy the software. I'm not sure about it yet. There's a lot of stuff that's locked out unless you have a membership. I don't really want to pay for it until I know if it will work for her. Its nice to know you can still buy the software because the website seems to need a better internet connection than what we have.
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