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April 8th, 2011, 06:42 PM
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We had to go in for a recheck of Danny's throat since his white blood cell count on Friday was low and he hadn't gotten any better since Tuesday. His glands are still really swollen and his throat was so sore last night that he cried for 2 hours before the motrin finally kicked in and he could go to sleep. The ped did a CBC today and his ANC was 1.9. That isn't horrible but it isn't good. His lymphocytes were well within the normal range so it shouldn't be a virus either. His neutrophils were the low ones (that is the ANC) but he tested negative for strep. If he isn't better by Monday our weight check will turn into another appointment. He did do really well with the blood draw at the ped's office. I wasn't sure how he would do since they weren't really used to drawing vein sticks there but I requested a vein stick instead of a finger stick because he gets bloodwork at least once a month and I didn't him to start getting scared of it becuase they hurt his finger. The first two nurses that came in didn't really know what they were doing. They were trying to keep the tourequet loose so they wouldn't hurt Danny but they had it so loose that after a certain amount of pressure built up in his vein the tourequet didn't work at all. She kept saying his veins are rolling, etc. I knew what the problem was and told them but they just ignored me. They said they would have to get another nurse because they wouldn't be able to get the vein with it rolling. Fine with me. The other nurse came in and said, "The tournequet must have been too loose because it is a nice big vein." ROFL!!!! Next time maybe they will listen to me. She said that she is there everyday but Wed so next time we have to get a stick just to ask for her....also fine by me. anyway. Danny is under a mild quarantiene to try and keep him healthy(aka stay away from anyone with even allergy symptoms incase they have another infection). We will see how he does by Monday and I will update then if not sooner.

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