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April 8th, 2011, 07:20 PM
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Name: Donna
PG, TTC, WTTC or just hanging out?: Pregnant !
Risks: Preterm Labor and low Progesterone
Treatment plan: Femara then Prednisone until 12 weeks
Kids and ages: David -3
Are things starting to bloom where you live? Oh Yes, allergies are bad
What are you most looking forward to this spring? Counting down until summer

And for the pregnant ladies:
Due Date? December 9th
Team Pink, Blue or Yellow? Green
Any names? Not yer
Anything exciting happening soon? Intake appointment on April 19
How has this pregnancy been challenging? I just want to know that it's "real" that I am not going to loss it too
What about this pregnancy has been a complete blessing? (Aside from the pregnancy itself being a blessing!) I have only had one day of spotting
Donna - Mom to David and Asher

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