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April 8th, 2011, 08:32 PM
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We have some of those jumpstart cds too, I sent them to my mom's because we weren't getting a ton of use out of them anymore here. But they are really awesome, and so easy to learn

Our dollar tree, happens to be the nearest actual dollar store to us. I LOVE that store, lol. They have so much that you can use, and incorporate.

Decision making is a huge weakness here too, I blame myself for that. I'm terrible at it sometimes, and, it seems the kids have picked up my cues, lol. But we still try, even if none of us can make up our minds, rofl. Like today for instance, we know there are some things we have to do everyday we have school(OHVA is actually on spring break this week, but we're ignoring that, no point in it right now, lol). But today beyond our usual reading silent and little bit of math, blah, we got nothing done as far as school was concerned. Such is life, we all have days like that, I suppose. We did clean though and started sorting through old stuff so we can make a trip to Hope Chest, so, it counts for something
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