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April 10th, 2011, 12:48 PM
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I agree with Jenny as well, it was definitely very taboo to talk about miscarriages when our mothers were young. My mother was just incredibly uncomfortable talking about it with me. I personally feel that it is important for our generation to do what we can to change that attitude about miscarriage. So even though it is hard, I tell people I've had miscarriages...and if they ask questions, I answer them. I want people to know that just because I have three beautiful children doesn't mean I haven't been through some hard times. And that just because they may be going through hard times doesn't mean they won't have beautiful rainbow babies. That's why I love this board.....this is the place where I realized that...

So, with all that said, instead of ignoring your clearly well-meaning MIL, you could inform her. Just tell her that you know the likely cause of your last loss and you are doing everything possible to prevent it from happening again. Tell her that due to your type of gene mutation there isn't really a "safe" time where everything will for sure be okay. So, you are choosing/trying your best to be excited for each day and she would be supporting you best (which she wants to do) if she did the same.

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