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April 11th, 2011, 04:38 AM
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Let me preface this for those who don't know, my oldest daughter, my very first child was born sleeping a number of years ago.

Today our two best friends drove in from Virginia. We introduced them four years ago and they are getting married this coming weekend and we are both in the wedding and so are all of the kiddos. So we were sitting around chatting and I have no idea how we even got on the subject but Dan says " I am a funeral director and I think it is morbid as hell that they have these photographers that will come take pictures of your dead baby", my supposed to be dear friend (his future wife) chimes in " that is disgusting and sick", Chris ( who isn't Makenzie's father, but has always been supportive until this moment) " ugh, who would do that?" I sat there in shock for a split second at the conversation, looked at each of them and said " I can't believe the three of you. You all know Makenzie was born sleeping and I have tons of pictures of her. How dare you judge those of us who have endured the death of our babies. Instead of a lifetime with her, I got a couple hours. I was in so much shock and completely traumatized that I am beyond grateful for the photos I have. I am ashamed and embarrassed to even acknowledge any of you right now." Then I promptly excused myself and went to bed.
I just can't believe any of that even took place, my friend Tami who is one of the few people that even remembers Makenzie's birthday, sends flowers every year, and don't even get me going on Chris. I am so hurt, I haven't slept a wink and have been in tears all night, and want nothing to do with them or their wedding at this point. I am just so pissed, hurt, etc... I just needed to vent.

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