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April 12th, 2011, 07:38 AM
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Hi Gwynne - from your LOSER Buddy here... I am so sorry that I have not been around - I suck!!!!

Things are great with the gym... I am some how for the most part able to get 3 Zumba classes in a week - Tuesday at 8pm, Friday at 5:45 and Saturday at 8:15am... I also am meeting my trainer 3X per month - although it would be fabo if I could meet her 2X per week but the checkbook doesn't allow for that...

So I love what I am doing so far and I am so impatient that I thought for sure after one week of eating healthier and meeting her that I for sure had lost weight - yeah right... nope the scale said same thing...

So my starting weight for trainer is 235 - UGLY!!!!!!!!

Now I don't know if you use the website - but it rocks for tracking foods... It will track what you are supposed to eat for calories, proteins, carbs, etc.... check it out...

I know what you mean about platueau (sp)... Maybe jar your body - do something totally different routine wise - is there a class you can do that is different...

You have done PHENOMENUAL (sp).... I wish I could have the ticker like you...

Also - you are looking FABO - your pics of the new makeover - the hair is awesome... You are doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also - water, water, water, and sleep, sleep, sleep is essintial!!!!
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