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April 12th, 2011, 08:17 AM
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You are doing awesome, Melanie! That's great to hear about your classes and the trainer You'll see it on the scale in no time. You're probably adding muscle and losing fat, which converts to a smaller you but not much loss on the scale at first. Then it just MELTS off!!! You can do it!

Yep, I hit a plateau. I'm determined not to sit here for any longer. It's a VERY comfortable weight for my body (not me!) because I've been at it or around it for probably 8 or more years. It's going to be a kicker to beat, but when I do, I'll be happy.

My weight when I started Jan. 6 was 264 NOT GOOD. When you see it from the start in Sept. I was 291!! I never, ever ever want to be there again, even 250's! Even pregnant!!!

ETA: The ticker includes pregnancy weight. If you look at starting Jan. 6 when I joined the gym, I've lost 23 pounds. Not shabby.

I'm a bit razzled because of our push to TTC again this summer. I really want to be at my goal, or very near it, to help boost our chances. This month pushed things back nearly a month, too.


More water!!! That's my motto this week. Everything else is fine. I'm going to weigh in on Sunday. I want this week to fly!
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