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July 25th, 2006, 11:18 AM
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Okay, first let me just say I do not like my MIL that much. I tolerate her and I am nice to her for my fiance's sake. She is a very snobby lady, and she often does things to push my buttons for her own amusement. I've done really good controlling my temper and not letting her know that these things bother me. Well, here's the dilemma. My sister and her best friend are throwing my baby shower for me. I basically gave my sister the list of people I wanted to invite, which consists of close friends and family (both from my side and my fiance's). Well this past weekend we went to my MIL's and she gives me a list of 50 people of whom I know about 5-10. I wrote her an email letting her know that we wouldn't have enough room to accomodate so many guests. Well so she sent me a revised list with about 30 people (still too many) and I don't know anyone on this list. She also informed me that "most of those people won't show up" and that "they'll send gifts". Well I just didn't like that concept at all and told my fiance and he was just saying to invite them so his mom wouldn't get upset. Well it really hacks me off because this is MY SHOWER not hers. I mean, I wouldn't throw her a b-day party and then give her a list of 50 of my friends to invite. So, today I wrote her again and told her straight up (and very nicely) that I really wanted the shower to just be close friends and family and that if her and my SIL wanted to throw a seperate shower that would be great. Well she got mad about that and wrote me back saying that she knew all those people would send gifts and that she was "trying to help me out". I guess I just really need to let all of this out because it's not just the shower thing it's HER. I mean, I told my fiance last night "This is how it's going to be the rest of my life. You're mom making me mad and me having to hold it in for your sake." Maybe I was a little out of line, but I'm just sick of her and sick of her crap. I seriously feel like my emotions are going to explode and I'm going to tell her exactly what I feel. Anyways, if any of you have any advice on dealing with inlaws or anything please reply!!!!
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