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April 13th, 2011, 07:07 AM
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[quote=ambee;23145106]Soliel has her precious little boy, Liam who is, I believe, 3 weeks old. If you get a second, answer some questions for us!

How big was Liam?

Liam was 7 lbs exactly! And he was born at 37 weeks, imagine how chubby he'd have been full term!

How was your pregnancy?

A blur to me now. Moments of fright that really never, ever disappeared.

Scariest moment of your labor experience?

I had a caesarian, so no labor. However, Liam was born 37 weeks and he failed his lung maturity amnio - but due to preeclampsia they had to take him out.

Scariest moment was when they wheeled me in a room post c-section to see if my blood pressure would stabilize. James (DH) was with Liam in the nursery but thank GOD my mom was with me.

I didn't know how he was or if he was ok.

Best moment of your labor experience?

When the took me to Labor/Delivery Recovery suite I was told that Liam had excess fluid in his lungs. He had to stay with the nurses and be monitored for 15 minutes before I could see him -- but that felt like 15 hours.

BEST MOMENT was when they brought him to me they said that his breathing was raspy so he'd have to go back to the nurse's station -- but as soon as the nurse put him on my chest his breathing cleared up.

How's motherhood treating you?

It's more amazing that I'd ever imagined.
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