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April 13th, 2011, 10:38 PM
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My son is and always will be an only child and we are not religious. He plays outside with the neighborhood kids from 3-7 every night. He has opportunities to do community art class, cooking and dance for low cost or free. He can participate in lego league, boys book and chess club through the library. The ymca has sports, and karate if he chooses. There's a science club, band and co-op that are inclusive meaning they let us join. There's community sports as well as boy scouts he's allowed to partake in. Community plays are also an option but he is to busy playing with his friends to join any other activities currently. He joins the co-op on field trips and projects but not for classes this last semester. I feel he has far more opportunity to make friends without a time crunch than he would if he was in public school.

If you have any local museums or Zoos a lot of them have classes also.
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