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April 14th, 2011, 11:38 AM
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Week 14!

In retrospect, last week was rough energy-wise. I was exhausted a LOT. Part of it was highly interrupted sleep, and part is that I'm still battling allergies. I broke down and took a Benadryl (my doc said it's safe) one night but honestly, the next day I felt even worse. So I'm back to just putting up with the annoying tickle of a cough and the slight stuffiness and mild sore throat. Mental note: in my next life when I'm having kids (because I definitely don't want any more after this one!), I should try to avoid being pregnant when it's allergy season.

Today, though, I feel a bit better. I think it could be because I gave myself permission to sleep in a bit today, and somehow that extra half-hour really made a difference. I may actually start coming to work a half-hour later to see if that helps with my energy level. Let's hope...

I'm now just shy of 2 weeks until my next doctor appt., which will be looooong. A 45-minute ultrasound (keeping my fingers crossed we find out the sex!), a full exam by the peri, a blood draw, and a meeting with the genetic counselor. And I may be getting my first 17P shot then too, except, I'll be just shy of 16 weeks, which is when I'm supposed to start the shots. So we'll see if they give me one then or if I wait a week to start them.

Speaking of 17P shots, now that the FDA is allowing compounding pharmacies to make them again, I'm getting mine from a local compounding pharmacy. Total cost for the first month for me: $35 (my insurance is picking up the rest, which shouldn't be much, I think this pharmacy charges about $15 a shot). SUCH a relief!
~Beth in Seattle

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