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April 14th, 2011, 04:49 PM
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Hi earth mama!

Yep, I'll be getting my cervix checked starting at my next appointment, which will be just shy of 16 weeks, and they'll check it every 2 weeks after that until...gosh, I'm not sure when, maybe the whole pregnancy but for some reason I think they stop checking around 30 weeks. Other than the frequent checks and the shots, they haven't talked to me about any other interventions because of my history of PROM. I assume if things go south, they might do a cerclage and/or put me on bed rest. I'm really hoping neither of those things becomes necessary!

I also don't know why I PROM'd. At first we were told that it was due to infection, but then about 18 months ago we met with the doc who actually delivered Jim and he said that he thinks the infection came after my water broke, instead of the other way around, because of the way my cervix presented. He said I have about a 10% chance of it happening again. Those were odds I felt like I could deal with, given the really careful monitoring I'm having done.

They didn't suggest the gel with me--most of the women I know who've gotten the gel or suppositories have needed them early in pregnancy due to a history of miscarriage, and then those of us who have issues later in pregnancy get the shots instead. But I could just not be well-informed, I am certainly not an expert!
~Beth in Seattle

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