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April 14th, 2011, 06:56 PM
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Maybe this has been posted somewhere and I have just missed it but do you guys get along with your so's ex? How does he 'take' that?

the kids mom and i were forcefully introduced by her bff (a member of the family). Brian was not near me when this happened (we were running a charity bowling event and a bunch of people were there, and I guess she just showed up unannounced knowing very well I would be there according to him). Anyways when I met becki (the family friend) she said that she should introduce us (me and jeri aka kids mom) because brian will never get around to doing it and she really wants to meet me. I politely informed her that its mine and brian's wishes that I meet her when the time is right and under different circumstances but becki turned that statment around and told jeri wanted to meet her so we met and talked...I was very uncomfortable because she caught me alone..brian had no clue until it was all over what had happened, and all i had heard about her was bad things (naturally). Anyways so far (we've been together a year) jeri and i get along great, she's offered us some of camden's (the 2 year old) old baby stuff for the new baby and wants to hang out and says i can call her anytime I need to talk. Now Im not going to be bff's with her..nor do i really care to hang out with her..that's jsut wierd because I have my own resentment towards her for the way she treated brian over the years (some of which was so bad im paying for it in a sense) and the way she parents the kids. But for the most part we are getting along, anytime I ask for the kids on an off weekend (they live with her full time, we get them every other weekend) she lets me have them and offers to meet me half way (she lives about an hour from us). But i think that brian almost has an issue so to speak sometimes of the fact that we aren't at each other's throats and don't hate each other...just the things he says sometimes..."typical jeri" and "see this is the stuff i've dealt with the last 10 years" etc " now the real her is showing"...stuff like that. I've asked him if it bothers him and of course he says no but i was just curious about everyone else?

long post, sorry!

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