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April 15th, 2011, 08:19 AM
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Honestly, my kids likely get the least amount of "socialization" going by the definition most have for the word, lol. They are what most would consider the "hermit type". Even though in reality they *aren't, most people would call them that.
We have one little boy next door they can play with. Other than that, there aren't very many children that live anywhere near us, except for a couple that I do NOT want my kids around-for many reasons.
They don't participate in any local activities because they're all way too expensive. The library only does preschool and under activities. Anything for kids in K and up is just beyond rediculous pricewise. There's a local arts center literally around the corner from us. I would love to enroll the kids in it but ALL of their activities require at least $30 per kid, per activity(this is the min. for a one time only activity) and up to well over $300-$400 for the longer activities. It's absolutely nuts. Very few families that actually *live in the area can participate in anything here because no one can afford it. Even the cub scouts wanted money for nearly everything and weren't willing to budge at all. I know not all dens are like this though. I don't know what their problem was they only had a few boys to begin with and after seeing the costs they lost three more this past fall(including Leo). I'm looking at ways to possibly get Leo into another den down the road sometime when I have better transportation and the ability to be there with him. None of the local dens will take in a boy who doesn't have a parent with them at all times-I really hate that, it's not reasonable at all. In the church I grew up in(though not active anymore) they took any and all boys/young men who wanted to join, friends were welcome and the scouts program was amazing. It's not like that here
Right now though my transportation is sketchy at best. I don't drive, don't even have a license and probably never will. There's no public transportation here either, and I hate it. Where we used to live we had the bus and it was awesome.

We have a situation that tends to fall out of the realm of "typical".
That said, my kids get plenty of socialization, even more than their ps peers in most cases. Part of that is because even as babies/toddlers they've always gone everywhere with me, I'm just odd like that. Very common misconception that children need "friends" their own age for this. Socialization is more about teaching children how to behave/act/present themselves in public situations and out in the world, beyond the confines of their own home. Even when they were in school they never saw any of their school "friends" outside of school. Many kids these days don't. Had they remained in that school they'd see even less of them because ALL of the k-6 kids in the district(approx. 7 elementary and 1 intermediate schools' worth) would be in one campus setting. They intend to split children up to better "mingle" them. So they would have been with a ton of children they've never met before, hundreds and hundreds of them. With less teachers on staff, and more children for those less teachers to be responsible's bound to do more harm than good, imo.
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