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April 16th, 2011, 10:01 PM
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new here but couldnt help reading and commenting. I dont like my dh's ex but we are civil, now at least. She tried to get him back for the first year or so we were together so i have resentment for that but she moved back to Illinois 5 years ago and we havent seen her since, nor the child unfortunately. So with her being so far away its fine whenever she calls to give dh a phone update on his son and i happen to answer. I usually avoid answering if i see it's her. Got nothing much to say to her. I hate my ex's husbands wife, she was the cause of our break up. My dh gets along with them, after a few harsh words and setting them straight a couple times. Its all fake but they dont give him an issue and he is civil with my ex and his wife. I cant be so i dont even deal with either of them, I let dh talk with them every time. SO needless to say none of us really get along but some of us can fake it well enough to survive until the kids are teenagers or grown and we can leave one another alone for the most part. So i'm in the same boat as most of you.

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