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April 17th, 2011, 02:40 AM
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I'm awake for no good reason at 4:34 am, so I thought I would share something kinda funny.. and cute

Today is my birthday, but the kids are at my mom's for the weekend and won't be back until monday evening.

Earlier tonight I got a card that the kids made with my mom, on her computer. They were waiting for popcorn to finish so they could watch harry potter. I'm not sure how they made it though.

It was a cute little picture of a mouse, a tree, a rainbow and some kind of cake. On the next screen it was a picture of a little gray mouse, with a cane... and it said

Wow, you made it to 1054... a few more years and you get your buckeye card (and that would be my mother's humor, lol)

So today, I am officially mouse years
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