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April 18th, 2011, 09:27 AM
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I've been on Just mommies for a long while, belonging to the pregnancy and play groups. I went searching thru all the boards to see if there was one for children with vision loss and special needs.
My name is Paula, I live in Canada. I have two little girls.

My oldest daughter is almost 2 years old (2 on the 1st of May). We have been told she is legally blind. We are under going testing still, to see if it's a genetic related / or if she has a syndrome. We haven't gotten much results yet althought, we've been thru so many tests...from Cat Scan, MRI, blood, numerous ultrasounds/xrays.

My daughter has low vision /Legally blind. She also, has a smaller head/eyes and other internal body organs. Has anyone heard or has a child with similar issues?
Im very glad to have found a board on here, hopefully I'll be able to talk with other parents whom are going thru or been thru what we are going thru. I dont have much support around here.

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