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April 18th, 2011, 04:20 PM
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So this shall be our buddy thread!
Go team!

Please share what excersize, and healthy meals, daily!

I am hoping this can help us stay motivated to keep on doing excersizes/cardio (also eat healthy) I really would like to watch my weight this pregnancy. Three years ago I lost 30+lbs after nearly 8 months of dieting and excersize. I ended up being 107, which is VERY unhealthy, and gained some weight back. I ended up being 116 pre-preg and I don't want this pregnancy to make me gain all my weight that I worked so hard to lose back.
I just want to stay fit, and I am glad I have found a buddy who wants to stay fit just like me! (and help motivate me)

Since we are pretty much as far along as eachother, maybe we can even be buddies post baby so we can get rid of all that baby weight!
Thank you *kiliki* for the cute siggy

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