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April 18th, 2011, 05:53 PM
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Hi ladies,

I am new to this site and still learning all the lingo so bare with me. I am 32 and trying to conceive my third child. I have hyperprolactinemia and a 4.2mm microadenoma on my pituitary. With that being said... pregnancy is a challenge. My first pregnancy miscarried, my second went beautifully and needed no meds, my third pregnancy was successful with bromocriptine, and this try hasn't been so easy. I tried bromocriptine for a month and never ovulated. Last Thursday I started Clomid, twice a day, and finished it today. This morning a very faint second line showed up on a OPK and I was very pleased... that hasn't happened in years! So... so far so good. At least it appears ovulation is approaching. Now the week of TTC lies ahead .

So my question is... is there anyone else on clomid right now or have tried it in the past? My Dr. said to start TTC today and every other day after that until he sees me in his office on 4/27 for an u/s. Sound about right based on your experience? Have you had any side effects? I feel like an emotional psychopath! I also have a very full feeling in my uterus. Ugh... hoping the next two weeks go quickly.

Thanks for any insight.
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