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April 20th, 2011, 10:34 AM
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We are TTC this fall. For those who don't know me, my birth story is here (not for the GIP): and a recent thread about my dilemma here: .

I am going to plan an HBAC with my amazing midwife. I need to have a backup doctor on board. I really got my heart set on Dr. F, not only because he is so amazing, but also because he delivers at the one amazing hospital (St, Lukes) with great c/s and mama-baby policies. I do not know how he will take being asked to do shadow care, and am TERRIFIED he will say no.

My midwife's back up delivers at a hospital that is pretty average for the area - not the best. BUT WAIT. I just went to his website and he also delivers at West Houston Methodist. This is a new hospital that is right next to my house - as in, it would be our emergency transfer. I already know he backs midwives...The Methodist system has a very decent reputation for mama-baby policies - not perfect, but workable.

It has only been open for deliveries for 2 months, so I have not heard ANYTHING about it yet. (Although I put out feelers to my doula friends in case they've heard anything.) I am having an appointment with my midwife to talk next Thursday. I guess I need to 1) talk to her, 2) talk to the doc, 3) tour the hospital, 4) decide.

It isn't St Luke's, but it sure would be nice to wrap up my midwife/doctor/emergency and non-emergency plans in one nice neat package.

I guess I just wanted to update everyone, since I know this will be ongoing and I will need the support. I just need good wishes, and of course advice always welcome!

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