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April 20th, 2011, 11:02 AM
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At forty-three weeks+, I am now far past protocol for having a homebirth. My midwife offers advice but does not pressure me into making a decision to do something I don't want; but if I haven't gone into labor by Friday night, I will be going in to the hospital for an induction. My due date is fairly close to correct, as I have a very regular twenty-nine to thirty-one day cycle.

I had a biophysical profile and non-stress test on Friday and baby is healthy, fluid levels are good, cord fine, placenta fine and I am totally healthy too and have a great blood pressure. I just can't be certain there isn't something wrong that is preventing labor because it's been even longer than I went with my firstborn son and I'm not having many signs of labor or many steady contractions. I will be having another biophysical profile and non-stress test tonight too.

I have been bouncing on a birth ball for two days now and it's made me feel heavier, more pressure in the pelvis/ cervix and lots of pain in the back, shoulders, pelvis and hips. I've tried a breast pump and that didn't even give me one contraction, but did give me a very sore nipple. Sex gave me two contractions and that's all. I've walked and walked and walked some more, I've done silly busywork chores and picking things up off the floor just to see if that would help, with zero results. I may try castor oil rubbed on the belly in a warm bath and may give Black and Blue Cohosh a try, but I'm pretty skeptical that anything will actually help.

I really don't want to have to go to the hospital and I don't want an induction, but I am pretty resigned to the idea, since this baby just doesn't seem to want to be born... It's so disappointing and upsetting that all the time I've spent keeping the house spotless and ready for birth for the past two months, all the planning and dreaming, all the birthing supplies will have been for nothing if I can't go into labor in the next fifty-two hours. I don't want to put my baby's health at risk for keeping him/ her inside for too long either; not to mention my midwife's licensing and practice for her "allowing" me to go so far postdates.


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