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April 21st, 2011, 12:58 AM
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corbin is seeing a counselor for a lot of things he's been going through but if you ask him if he's happy with currently the way things are, he's going to tell you yes because he doesn't want to make his mom mad but brian and i both know that he's not happy, we see it all over him, he doesn't have to say a word. she dresses him in solely sweatpants...up until 2 years ago he didn't know how to button a button or tie his shoes..she puts him in clothes that are youth sizes (and sends him to school dressed like that)..he's 10 years old and can just about wear his dad's clothes (yes he's a big boy)..but corb refuses to speak up to his mother because he doesn't want to make her mad and no matter how many times we tell him its important he tells us/her/all of us that love and care for him what he wants/doesn't want..what's on his mind..etc. he wants to make everyone happy but it's really hurting him in the long run. we've talked to his mother about the things she does, the way she dresses the boys and she never says a word (she makes more an hour than he and i do put together..its not like she's hurting for money). As a stepmommy legally i don't think i can do anything right? it all has to be initiated by the birth parents? or is there something I can do? it hurts to see him like this but and i think alot of the reason brian doesn't want to take her to court is cuz he feels like the state always sides with the mother unless she's a druggie or drinking or the kids are in an unhealthy unsafe it takes a lot for the father to get custody of their kids (atleast that's what he told me once when i asked).

anybody with any suggestions or anything i'd love to hear them.

thanks ladies!

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