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April 21st, 2011, 08:21 AM
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My bf of 2 months (i know so short!) is way all over the place. he already has a son from a previous marriage which ended horribly... great start i know.
so heres the chain of events so far:

Says he doesn’t want it
Says he will support me and baby
Asks if ill still be w him even tho he doesn’t want it
Breaks up with me bc I want it
Wants to be a part of its life, just not with me (breaks up w me bc i wont get abortion)
Wants to help me, do 'household stuff'
Wants to make small talk
Wants to comfort me
Really wants to help me, begs to do 'household stuff'
Tells me he knows he's been freakin out lately and that hes really scared and he doesnt think i understand the gravity of the decision.... asked if this has ever happened before... of course it has lol (please post your short relationship pregnancy stories!!!!)

Only time will tell but i think he's realizing he's acting crazy and will come around. I think that the boomerang of actions and emotions are normal for men who are unsure, afraid, etc. they are just trying to sort things out. all in all, i dont want to go thru this alone but i will if i have to bc i know he is only acting out of fear and i cant make my decisions based on that. hope this helped.
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