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April 22nd, 2011, 01:08 PM
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Just realized I never answered this, lol.

Been a crappy week, stupid cold turned into bronchitis and a sinus infection. Meh.

We've gotten done pretty much bare minimum in every subject this week, lol. We did get them done, just didn't do any extra anything and most days were done in a couple hours or so.
As soon as my ride gets here after they get out of work we have to go to save a lot to get groceries. I was going to walk down there with the kids-it's a mile or two from here. But I really don't feel like walking that far today when it's doing the pretend snow thing. If I didn't feel so bad I would, lol.
Tomorrow the kids will have an egg hunt here at home. It's too cold today and I'm too lazy to go out there, atm.
Sunday is Easter, first at home, then we go to my mom's.
Next week the girls have testing m-th (lis is m and w, lex is t and th) and weds is lissy's birthday. It'll be a slow week, I hope.

I feel like death warmed over.
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