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April 22nd, 2011, 01:43 PM
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Name(if you wish to share/Nickname: Rebecca
Age: 29
Family Status (SO+kids): DH (30) 3 kids.. 8 y/o DD1... 3.5 y/o DS... 8 m/o DD2

What makes Traditional Parenting the right style for you?: Well, as mentioned in my thread, I wasn't sure totally it was the right definition for the type of parenting we use. But, now I think it is the closest thing. I agree with most of the others on this question. Children are way too cheeky and spoiled these days. We strongly feel around our home that the old fashioned ways are best bc most children acted like much better citizens back in the old days and had morals and strong character.

Fave Color: Peach
Fave Food: Chocolate cake
Fave Dessert: See above
Fave Author/Book: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fave TV show: Don't have cable. I like Ghost Hunters on HULU though
fave Movie genre: Comedy

Sports teams you follow(if you do): Dislike sports
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