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April 22nd, 2011, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by pink_piggy View Post
Oh my gosh, reading your birth story made me want to bawl! I'm so so so sorry you had to go through that. *big hugs to you* You should have never been treated that way and I seriously want to kick those midwives, the nurses and the a-hole dr in the head for you. I fear needing to transfer as well. One of the hospitals out here just had an issue w/ a transferring family and a know it all nurse calling cps on the family. I fear my baby being taken away from me. I don't understand how anyone thinks this is OK?! Ugh I'm sorry my heart just aches for you and I really hope that this time you get the birth you want. I'm glad your mw is so supportive and I hope that Dr F is on board and everything goes good w/ the back up hospital. *hugs*
Hon, you should NOT have been reading that 41 weeks pregnant! Thanks for the support. I am mostly healed now and only concerned with having the best possible experience this time, no matter what happens.

And my midwife, who has been delivering for 25 years, said she has never seen or even heard of anyone being treated like I was. Since she was born (of COURSE not before), I have heard nothing but terrible things about that hospital. For everything from broken bones to L&D, they just SUCK. And at the suckiest hospital, I managed to get the doc who has a HUUUUUGE chip on his shoulder against natural birth - let alone homebirth.

The two things I try to stress to homebirthers is to pack an honest-to-goodness transfer bag, just in case. I did and was so glad, although this time i have a much better idea what to bring. My friend did NOT, and running around trying to get her stuff together was just stupid because she could have done it herself. Also? Preregister at any and all hospitals you might transfer to. It just helps everything along.

I am sure your birth will go AWESOME.

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