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April 24th, 2011, 12:36 PM
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We had a REALLY wonderful day yesterday (just the whole day in general). We went out for lunch and did a little shopping. We then relaxed at home and play some WoW together (we are nerds like that). We both napped (but I got sick) for the rest of the early evening. We had a wonderful dinner out on the harbor. I didnt over eat but I had coke with dinner.

It was funny, we were speculating about the baby at dinner and I said I hope she doesnt have severe acid reflux when she is born and he mentioned that he hoped for a non-colicy baby. And I am not sure what the waiter heard but when he came back with some bread he brought me a glass of milk for my heartburn. We looked at each other confused (but I drank it anyways, so that I wouldnt hurt the waiters feelings and plus I CRAVE milk). Heartburn is thankfully not a symptom I have right now! We got to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I do understand your comment now about walking slower. We were walking around and bf had to slow down quite a bit for me to keep up (I felt so out of breath with the hills).

I did get sick after dinner too, but we just relaxed at home and I slept on the couch for awhile.

I am so happy to have yoga in 20 mins! Hope today is going well for you!

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