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April 24th, 2011, 03:33 PM
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It took a full year before I met SO's ex wife. I would have preferred even longer. Ha.

I don't like being around her - I want nothing to do with her. I don't dislike her in a blatant fashion per se. I don't even know her. We are cordial in eachother's company. But I just don't feel comfortable with her and I do not trust her. She's done some things (including trying to take SD 3000 miles away) and she has been quite verbal previously how she thinks a BM is the most important person in her daughter's life (even above her father).

She's borderline and fake. She claims to absolutely "love me" and then I hear little passive aggressive comments that she tells SD. Of course, I would NEVER ever ever say anything negative to SD about her mother - I am very careful about that. I take the high road. I also learned that she tried to get back together with my SO while we were dating. She's a snake.

We do see eachother a couple of times a year when there is a pick up at our home (hate it) or at recitals for SD. My goal is to just weather through it and stay as positive as possible for SD. It's hard.

I'm especially worried about having a child and how that will all work out.
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