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April 24th, 2011, 04:31 PM
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Well, I am so 100% sure this is a lil boy now bc he is unruly!
Last night I was at Grocery paying at register and my Mom passed by me with cart pressing me into conveyor belt and I started cramping a little later. We all know I am a hypochondriac May God bless this poor baby. I was feeling him move but it was painful so I called the Dr. who said "The safest thing was to come in and be monitored" and or "Monitor the baby movements and if the pain gets worse or baby stops moving to come in" So I decided to monitor baby movements. Well, why did this baby stop moving and I went into OMG mode, thank God for my Mom who felt terrible by the way and poor thing started crying how she would die b4 she hurts me or the baby which I told her it was an accident. So we get to ER and they send me to OBGYN Triage bc I am 24 weeks, they were not even trying to touch me in ER. So, I explained everything and they hooked me up to monitor, well this lil boy had not moved in like an hour by the time I arrived to hospital. So, nurse hooks heart monitor and microphone up to me and I swear within 5 min this baby started tap dancing. His heart beat was so strong I laid there and just was in awe, I am truly pregnant. I am actually bringing a living being into this world, who will grow and become a man one day. Life is truly Amazing... So the nurse comes back and says well he is moving now and lol.. and she was amazed at his movement, she said this baby is all over the place I have never had to chase a baby around with a microphone b4. I had never seen my stomach move b4 last night, this baby went from no movement to moving like a race car driver. He was kicking so very hard that he moved the microphone like 4 times poor nurse. Well the monitored me a lil over 3 hours and sent me home with instructions that if the cramping persisted to take tylenol and some other things. She stated that my cramping was in the exact area that the baby was and I actually felt him I was amazed, he was balled up and I could see and feel him. She believed that bc it had only been a week since I was feeling him move that his movements and growth was causing the pain I was feeling and I just had to get use to it all. I did feel crazy for going in but I felt relieved yet and still. This morning I feel him moving around and no pain so maybe my Mom was right about it being growth pain. I know I am rambling thanks to those who read this

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